Canadian Forest
A natural chaga growth

Our Story:

Mega chaga is a Spin off of CBL (Chatham Biotec ltd) a company with over 10 years experience in collection and processing of non-timber forestry products. CBL is the largest supplier of Canada yew, which possesses unique pharmaceutical ingredients, used in cancer-fighting drugs.

In 2006 CBL began to develop a new active pharmaceutical ingredient based on a compound found in white birch bark. It was at this point we learned about chaga growing on birch trees in Canada. Much of the same work we did in the lab is related what chaga as a mushroom does naturally.

Over the past several years CBL has supplied bulk chaga internationally learning more about the market and its potential. Mega Chaga represents a focused commitment toward growing the awareness of chaga and it`s benefits..

Our Goal:

To become the premier wholesale supplier of Canadian wild chaga, using sustainable harvesting techniques.

Our Vision:

Promote alternative sources of economy by way of diversification within the forest industry. Although lumber is an important industry in Canadian culture it has taken up too much of the lands resources, driving the industry into a spiral of unsustainable low cost lumber. Because of this, much of the diversity of our forest ecosystems is being lost.

Non-timber forestry products (NTFP) require a different way of viewing the resources found within a stand of trees. Although the economics are difficult, the number of products are growing and so is the interest in the eye of the public. We encourage people to buy wild craft products and sustainable certified lumber.